About Portland Musical Theater Company

Portland Musical Theater Company is dedicated to furthering the appreciation of musical theatre in the Portland metro community through performances and educational programs. We are committed to two fundamental truths.

  1. Each of us is special and has unique gifts to contribute to the world and…
  2. We’re more alike and connected than we realize.

We perform and create to spread love and joy through our community.

Portland Musical Theater Company
Board Members:

Cynthia O’Brien – President
Deanna Maio
John Knowles
Carissa Zubrickey

About Our Founder:

Deanna Maio is the Founder and Executive Director for Portland Musical Theater Company.  Ms. Maio has an extensive background in performing on concert, theater, nightclub and event stages. As a versatile Lyric Character Soprano with a 3 octave range she most often sings solo swing and classic pop, musical theatre, classical and choral music. She has also coached countless singers in audition techniques, competition preparation, solo club gigs, working with a big band, and much more. She is also an accomplished voice-over artist and actor with over 100 recordings completed for business owners all around the world.

Over the past 37 years, Ms. Maio has been performing on stages, big and small, all over the country, including with the Oregon Symphony and the Crystal Ballroom.

Deanna started dancing at age 2 and just hasn’t stopped enjoying the stage. She grew up performing and has continued on in that tradition, taking lessons for dance, voice, piano, ukulele, stage presence, and acting. She scored her first professional (lived on it and only it) singing/acting job in 1998 with American Cabaret Theater after having completed numerous acting roles in middle school, high school and college.

She has performed with several local music groups including The Bureau of Standards Big Band, Girls., Swing Sisters, Tony Moretti and the Ray Sands Orchestra, and her own band, Deanna & the Downbeats.

She is a sought after voice over artist with over 100 voice over recordings to her name including the audio book of Amazon Best Seller “The Stolen Twin” by Michele Pariza-Wacek. And her own book, “GPS for Success” with Dr. Steven Covey and Dr. John Gray was published in 2010. She was voted Portland Management Consultant of the Year 4 years in a row before closing her consulting business to open Confident Voice Studio, where she teaches piano, voice, ukulele and performance coaches.

When she’s not writing, directing or performing, she also enjoys board and card games, spending time with her family, and cheesecake.