We’re so honored to have Arthaus as co-sponsors for “The Magical Music of Disney,” opening October 8th.

Recently our Founder and Executive Director, Deanna Maio, got the opportunity to interview Johnnie Mazzocco, Julie Thompson and Leviticus from Arthaus.

We thought you might enjoy learning a bit more about Arthaus and what they are doing in the community.

Deanna: Tell us a bit about the history of ArtHaus. How did it get started?

Arthaus: The non-profit, Artists’ Milepost, was formed a few years ago by artists from the direct community. This space became a cafe and event space at the beginning of 2015.

Deanna: How has ArtHaus evolved since its conception and founding?

Arthaus: The evolution of Art Haus since its conception in 2015 has been a fast-paced and challenging, yet very rewarding, evolution.

Deanna: What are some of the most rewarding things about working at ArtHaus?

Arthaus: Art Haus has a direct impact on the community living at MP5. The most rewarding part is seeing that positive impact in the form of residents and nearby community members expressing appreciation and enjoying the resources provided.

Deanna: How do you think ArtHaus influences the rest of the Portland art community? What is your role in that community?

Arthaus: We influence the Portland art scene because of our geographical location. While we are an ever-burgeoning, ever-evolving entity, we strive to be an ambassador of arts and culture in east Portland. Our role is to provide gallery space, performance space, an abundance of artistic craft, and arts education in the east Portland area.

Deanna: What is ArtHaus most excited about with their collaboration with Portland Musical Theater Company?

Arthaus: Our goal is to provide space for the representation of all artistic mediums, so we’re very happy to have Portland Musical Theater Company’s upcoming show as part of our programming/event schedule.

Learn more about Arthaus at http://arthauspdx.org/