Raving Fans

It’s a very fun show with great music. Had my toes tapping and I was singing along the whole time!

Fun for the young & the young at heart!!

Enjoyed the music and the memories it brought back. Love the 60’s.

great show, all the singers were good

Fabulous performance! Would highly recommend it. Keep them coming, Deanna!


The show was great. Loved the music, the comedy and of course, the cast. They were amazing!!!

Enthusiastic cast made for a great evening.

My husband and I brought our kids ages 11 and 13 and afterwards my son told me he thought it was really good. He said he was impressed to see veterans stand in the audience and be thanked for their service. He said the music in the songs really told a good story of the… Read more “”

Very entertaining good musicals enjoyed it extremely well put together will be back to see this group again

A new Musical Theatre Group got off to a great start with beautiful voices that blended perfectly. The fast pace kept our 5 and 7-year- old grandkids focused the entire time.

Good selection of music for this time period. Voices fit the style. Entertaining show of the 40’s that we don’t often get to see in Portland. Thanks for doing a patriotic, yet historical show. Hope people who are interested in this musical time of our past will go and take their children/grandchildren so that this… Read more “”

Always a fun evening and look forward to more events by Deanna!

Talented singing and acting performing songs from the 40s, a time when America stood together united. Great voices, acting and comedy interspersed!

My daughter who is 18 has always been a Disney girl. So I surprised her with a mother & daughter date! We were pleasantly surprised by the amazing performances and how wonderful they sounded. Thanks for a fun memory in our memory book!

My wife and I share a great affinity for the Broadway musical stage and were fortunate enough to personally witness many performances in NYC. And we have been to several of these programs at the IOOF hall, each of which we found to be enormously enjoyable. The performance, the enthusiasm and the curation of the… Read more “”

What a perfect way to spend the afternoon with my 2 grandsons! They were singing and dancing to almost every song. Thank you Deana and members of the show for a memorable time.

Deanna’s portrayal of the tragic Clooney had me in tears

This afternoon I went to see “Tenderly,” the story of Rosemary Clooney, with Deanna Maio as Clooney and Mace Archer in a half-dozen roles that he adroitly jumps among at will. It is playing at the Samaritan Lodge in Milwaukie, which is a MUCH better venue for this company. Of course, Clooney’s story, institutionalized and… Read more “Deanna’s portrayal of the tragic Clooney had me in tears”

A hearty BRAVO to the ensemble

I was shocked how good it was! All the performers have amazing voices! It was so well put together AND so professionally executed, even though you can’t get much h farther “OFF BROADWAY” when the lights went out and the curtain went up ( okay, there was no curtain ) you could imagine you were… Read more “A hearty BRAVO to the ensemble”


Very cute! Actors put out a good performance!

This music is more than just nostalgia…. it informs the evolution of a national myth that was wonderful to experience and an innocence which is hard to find in contemporary music and theatre. The singers were superb in an accessible way, reminding us that it is not necessary to dance with the “stars” to find… Read more “”

Nice show, singers were good and energetic