2018-2019 Season Audition Information

Congratulations on Requesting Your Audition
with Portland Musical Theater Company.

We will use email as our primary method of communication and you don’t want to miss a message from us. So make sure you whitelist or approve portlandmusicaltheater.org in your email program.

Audition Schedule

Only video auditions are being accepted at this time. Callback invitations will be sent by email and callbacks will be in person.

All audition information including offers will be sent via email. Make sure you have whitelisted/approved our domain (portlandmusicaltheater.org) so you get our messages.


Video Auditions

Video auditions are being accepted. Send your Video audition (of the below) to Contact @ PortlandMusicalTheater.org


Audition Instructions

Please be prepared to:

  1. sing 16-32 bars of a song to be sung with a background track or a capella. Song should show off the best aspects of your voice. They must be memorized.
  2. cold read a side provided here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ig3pd81cv2q3w2/The%20House%20Managers%20Nightmare.pdf?dl=0
  3. sing 16 bars from one of the songs from a show and be prepared to sing it with others with the provided track. The lyrics do not need to be memorized but you do need to be able to hold your part. The sheet music and the background track are available here:

Learn measures 32 through 48. All ladies need to learn the alto part (when it splits in three, stay on the bottom part) Gentlemen need to learn the baritone/bass part.

Please send us:

  • a current photo (doesn’t need to be a professional headshot, just something that looks like you)
  • resume, if you have one.

Artists auditioning for female roles are asked to wear a skirt or dress and heels or flats.

The Top 10 Reasons to Work with Portland Musical Theater Company

1. We end rehearsals and meetings on time.

2. Once the rehearsal schedule is published, it is set.  We won’t call you in on a day off. We respect your time.

3. You’re doing works that audiences love and that you’ll be proud to invite people to.

4. You’ll be referred and recommended. If you want more projects, working with us is a great way to get introduced to others. We’re asked for referrals a lot.

5. You’ll be a part of something special…something bigger than ourselves. When you work with PMTC, you’re not just checking boxes or doing busywork, you are a part of a bigger cause to strengthen community.

6. You want to work in a positive, encouraging environment where your contribution is valued and appreciated.

7. You like problem solving and creative thinking. No cookie cutter solutions here.

8. Work with passionate people like you. Our cast, crew and board are committed to strengthening our community by providing great productions and programs that bring hope and joy. If you want to be a part of a team of like-minded passionate people, then PMTC is the place for you.

9. Develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. This is real-world work that will grow you as a designer, technician and a professional.

10.  It’s fun! Working with PMTC is FUN! We guarantee you will have a blast working with our cast, crew and volunteers. There’s something new and exciting happening every day.