This afternoon I went to see “Tenderly,” the story of Rosemary Clooney, with Deanna Maio as Clooney and Mace Archer in a half-dozen roles that he adroitly jumps among at will. It is playing at the Samaritan Lodge in Milwaukie, which is a MUCH better venue for this company. Of course, Clooney’s story, institutionalized and under a psychologist’s care for most of this performance, is a transformative one in which she finally survived alcohol and drug dependence and finally prospered. Deanna’s portrayal of the tragic Clooney had me in tears, identifying with what Rosie went through to redirect her life at its lowest point. The stage play was wonderful to begin with, and Deanna rendered the Clooney songs in Rosie’s subdued way that was just right. It was a powerful script and, I’m pleased to say, a powerful performance by both actors, one which left me emotionally drained. If you get a chance, you might want to put this on your agenda — two more weekends to go in November.

Matt Simek

Deanna’s portrayal of the tragic Clooney had me in tears